Frequently Asked Questions?

Will I have to leave the house?

In most situations it is not necessary, to leave your home at all. However, by doing so allows all areas to dry, therefore preventing any slips or falls.

Remember, on your return to open the windows and doors to thoroughly ventilate your house.

Are the chemicals you use dangerous?

All the pest control agents that we use are rigorously tested and approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority in Canberra.


Are your pest control methods going to hurt my children, pets, unborn child?

No. Part of our normal procedure is to ascertain the situation in your property. We use the safest, most modern materials available and will not carry out any work which might cause a problem.

We ask that the elderly, pregnant women and any children less that 4 years of age be absent while treatment is being carried out and for 4 hours afterwards. This is just to be extra careful in case any allergy-type reactions occur.

It is essential that animals are kept off treated surfaces until they are dry – this takes approximately 30 minutes. This also makes it safer for the technician.

The control agents we use are approved for use in hospitals, child care centres, food manufacturing and preparation areas and many other sensitive situations. In most cases these materials are odourless.

I have asthma and am highly allergic. Can you treat my property?

Yes. Many of our clients are in a similar position. We only apply odourless control agents and we ask you to vacate the premises for an hour or so following treatment or longer if your asthma is particularly severe.

Due to the development and requirement of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, we only use low-odour, low-toxicity control agents, therefore, being sensitive or having asthma no longer means you have to share your home with unwanted pests. They may be more expensive, however, your safety is much more important to us at Az Dead Pest Control.

What does your warranty really mean?

Our free service period means that if the pests we treat come back, so do we - with no further charge to you.

What if it rains?

Our technician will assess the weather situation before he arrives at your house, he may need to reschedule as the pest control agents perform best when allowed to completely dry. Rain only decreases the effectiveness of product and likelihood of technician needing to return unnecessarily.